3 Reasons Why Dog Sitter Socialization Is Good For Your Pup

If your dog is left alone at home all day while you're away at work, you might consider hiring a dog sitter. While many pet owners think of pet sitters as only being for when you're away on vacation or a business trip, they can also offer advantages if you're only gone for a portion of the day. If your dog is frequently alone, here are three ways that a dog sitter can help improve your dog's life.


Dogs need stimulation and play in order to stay satisfied. As a dog parent, you've probably experienced your dog tearing up your home at least once. This is a frustrating experience for any dog owner, and your first instinct might be to get angry at your dog. However, the reality is your dog is probably doing it because it's miserably bored while you're away from home.

Dogs need exercise and mental stimulation on a regular basis. If you have a job that keeps you away from home for more than eight hours, that's a long time for your dog to be left to its own devices. As a result, your dog may get into mischief and trouble in your home in an effort to entertain itself. Scolding your dog won't curb this behavior, but having a dog sitter swing by to engage your pup in some play and to go on a walk can make a big difference in keeping your dog happy and satisfied.


Dogs are pack animals and aren't accustomed to being left on their own for long periods of time. As the pack leader, if you're away from home for a long time, your dog may feel afraid, vulnerable, or even abandoned. This is typically worse when you only have one dog, since your pup won't even have a friend or sibling to keep company with.

While a dog sitter won't take your place, having some human interaction while you're away can drastically improve your dog's mood and reduce its loneliness.

Prolonged Absences

Lastly, dog sitters are a great resource to have available when something comes up and you can't make it home. There can be a lot of reasons why you might not be home at your usual time - maybe there's a bad accident on the highway, or public transit is having difficulties, or you've suddenly been called in for overtime. Regardless of the reason, having a dog sitter you already know and trust that's available to drop in and care for your dog will take a huge load off your mind. In addition, it ensures that your dog will be fed, walked, and allowed to relieve itself without making a mess of your home or yard.

If your dog is exhibiting depression or acting out while you're away from home, you should consider having a dog sitter come once a day to keep your pup busy. You and your dog will both benefit greatly from it.