Boarding Your Dog For The First Time? Here’s What You Need To Pack

Sometimes, it's just not possible or practical to bring your dog with you when you travel, and it's in situations like those that pet boarding services really come in handy. If this is the first time you've boarded your dog, you're probably pretty nervous about the separation, and you want to be sure that your pet is comfortable and happy while you're gone. Take a look at what you need to pack to help ensure that your pet has a pleasant stay while you're away.

Their Own Food

Even if the boarding service provides food, it's a good idea to bring a supply of the food your dog usually eats. Sudden changes in diet can upset some dogs' digestion, and if your dog is anxious during your separation, they may be even more prone to tummy troubles. Pack a supply of dry food in airtight plastic containers, and bring enough cans of moist food to last for the length of your stay, along with a little extra, just in case.

While you're at it, bring your dog's favorite pet food bowl and water dish as well. Those familiar items will signal to your dog that they're getting their regular meals and help promote a sense of normalcy.

Medical Records

Each dog boarding service has its own rules, and they might be subject to local laws as well. At a minimum, the dog boarding service is probably going to want to see your pet's vaccination records to ensure that they're up to date on all of their shots.

If your dog has a medical condition that requires medication or treatment, bring the relevant records for that as well, along with any medications and the contact number for your dog's veterinarian, in case of emergency. Also, write down detailed instructions for administering medication – if your dog will only swallow a pill that's hidden in a treat, that's something the boarding service staff needs to know.

Their Favorite Things

You can't bring every single dog toy you have around the house, but you should make sure to bring a few of their favorites. If your dog has a pillow or blanket that they sleep on every night, bring that along as well. You may also want to consider packing one of your T-shirts after you've worn it for awhile or a pillowcase after you've slept on it overnight. These items will carry your scent, and sniffing them can help your dog feel less lonely while you're gone.

Try not to worry too much – most dogs are just fine with being boarded for a short while. If your dog is the sociable type, they may even enjoy having other boarded dogs around to play with. Don't forget to leave your contact information just in case, though, and if you're not traveling with a cell phone, be sure to call and update the number if your plans for where you're going to be staying change.  

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