Ready To Board Your Dog For The First Time? What To Know When Choosing A Kennel

If you have never had to board your dog and you're weary about having someone you don't know care for them, it's time to find a kennel where you can establish trust. When you have a relationship with a kennel, you'll feel confident about leaving your dog there whenever it's necessary.

There are a few different things you want to do when selecting a kennel, and you need to be choosy for the safety of your pet. Here are a few things to consider before you drop your dog off for their visit.

Check Vaccinations

Boarding kennels are a place where your dog will interact with other animals, and they will be in areas where other animals have gone to the bathroom, possibly been sick, or where your dog could get bit or scratched. Check to make sure your dog has all the correct vaccinations for boarding before you drop them off so they don't end up with an illness that could have been avoided. Also choose a kennel that requires vaccine verification before the dog is dropped off.

Look at Overnight Accommodations

Take the time to physically walk through the area where your dog will sleep and play while they are being boarded. See if that is enough room for their bed, and for them to be comfortable throughout the night. You also want to see the play area, and you can check to see if the area is clean, large enough for your dog, and how the other dogs are being treated when you walk through.

Ask About Video Surveillance

Many dog kennels have a web cam that you can look at online to see what your dog is doing, when they are playing or in their room. This is great if you want to check in on them throughout the day and if you want to see if your dog is enjoying themselves or not. You may find they are frolicking happily with the other dogs at the kennel.

If you don't have anyone that can watch your dog while you're away and you don't want to trust someone to come in and out of your own home or property, taking your dog to a boarding facility is a great solution. Check to see if there are health code violations with the facility in advance, and make sure to pack all of your dog's favorite blankets, toys and treats before you drop them off. 

For more information and details, talk with a local dog kennel, such as Alpha K-9 Kennels, directly.