Three Things To Consider Bringing From Home When You Board Your Pet

Leaving a pet behind when going on a trip can often be difficult for both the pet and their owner. There are two good ways to make this easier on you both: leave your pet with a reputable pet boarding facility and make them more comfortable by bringing things from home. Here's what you should take with you when you drop off your cat or dog.


Cats and dogs shouldn't switch food formulas at the drop of a hat. Many pet food companies recommend transitioning your pet slowly over the course of several days. While of course this can be done, it's easier to just keep having your pet eat what they always do while they're staying with the boarding facility.

There are two ways you can go about this: ask your boarder to provide the same brand and flavors of food your pet eats or just bring your own. You can often score a discount by bringing your own, and if you feed your pet kibble, why let it get stale at home when your pet could be eating it instead?

Toys and Bedding

Pet boarders always supply a nice variety of comfy bedding and enjoyable toys for their pets. However, most pets have favorites, and the scent of home is a welcome one while they're in a new place and away from you.

Ask your pet boarder how much space your pet will have before bringing a bed. You want to make sure that there's plenty of space beyond the bed for your pet to move around, eat, drink, and, for cats, to use the litter box. A small- to medium-sized bed will likely be perfect.

Toys can be saved until your pet gets their daily playtime with the staff. A familiar smell, sight, and sound of the toy may help to bring down your pet's defenses more quickly, and they'll be able to engage in play and stay active.

Supplements and Medication

Finally, if your pet is taking any prescribed medication, it's obviously a must that you should bring it. If you accidentally forget, give your pet boarder a call and give them your veterinarian's name and number so they can arrange to get a refill and start dosing your pet.

If your pet takes any additional medications that aren't prescribed, like vitamins or supplements, bring those too. Make sure to specify any special directions for your pet, like if you mix it into your pet's food instead of putting it directly in their mouth.

With these tips, your pet will be happier, more comfortable, and entirely safe under your pet boarder's roof. If your pet has any special needs or you want special treatment for them during their stay, make sure to discuss it with the boarding facility ahead of time so they can prepare.