What Your Dog Needs Before Traveling To The UK

If you want to bring your dog with you on a trip to the United Kingdom, there are certain rule and guidelines that you need to follow. This will require you to get things in order before your trip. Here is what you need to need to know and do before getting on the plane to the United Kingdom with your dog.

Your Pet Should Travel With You

Your pet needs to travel with you when you go to the United Kingdom, or needs to come on a plane within a few days of your arrival. If you have your dog make the trip more than a few days after you have already been in the United Kingdom, you will need to follow different rules and regulations than outlined in this article. 

You Need to Declare Upon Arrival

When you arrive in the United Kingdom, you will need to fill out a declaration form for your pet. On this form, you will have to declare that you are not intending to sell your pet during your visit. If you do plan on selling your pet, you will have to follow commercial guidelines for bringing an animal into the UK. These are entirely different than bringing a pet with you. 

You Must Have Necessary Documentation

You need to bring certain documents for your pet. You will need to have your vet complete the official paperwork for third country animals to enter the United Kingdom. This is the only document that will be accepted by UK officials. 

Your dog will need to have certain vaccinations in order for the form to be filled out correctly, such as a rabies vaccination and parasite treatments.

Additionally, your dog will need to have a microchip. You will be required to provide the number of the microchip, the name and manufacture as well as the date that it was installed. You also need to make sure that the microchip for your dog meets the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization. If the microchip in your dog does not meet these standards, you will also need to carry your own microchip reader. 

Finally, you will want to call your airline and make sure that all the documents you have will get your pet into the UK and make sure that any of the guidelines have not changed. Additionally, some air carriers have additional rules that you need to follow for airline travel with pets. 

If you can't bring your pet on your next trip to the UK, contact your local pet day care and boarding facility for additional info about pet care options.